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The hybrid war comes very timely
Articles, 18 mars, 2015

Lethal weapons and the unity of the West
Articles, 04 févr, 2015

America entapped by its own narratives
Articles, 03 févr, 2015

Even the Shoah falls victim of it ...
News Briefs, 27 janv, 2015

The Alliance facing the crisis in Ukraine (assessment of NATO's Wales summit)
Défense & Stratégie n°36, automne 2014
13 nov, 2014

Who benefits from the crime? - the crisis in Ukraine and the hawks in the Alliance
Articles, 22 oct, 2014

Joe the Sniper on the background of European sanctions against Russia
News Briefs, 10 oct, 2014

NATO/USA: permanent bases in the East?
Articles, 31 mai, 2014

Small pearls from the last week (4 May 2014)
News Briefs, 04 mai, 2014

First cracks in the Western facade
News Briefs, 29 avril, 2014

Small pearls from the last week (27 April 2014)
News Briefs, 27 avril, 2014

Within a minute: impact of the Ukraine crisis on NATO
News Briefs, 25 avril, 2014

Obama on the tightrope, between Europe and Asia
Articles, 24 avril, 2014

An Energy ECSC, à la polonaise
News Briefs, 23 avril, 2014

NATO is trying to reassure ... and to ensure above all the loyalty of its Member States
Articles, 17 avril, 2014

France in face of NATO's rebound
Articles, 14 avril, 2014

Small pearls from the last week (13 April 2014)
News Briefs, 13 avril, 2014

Russia would have truly miscalculated?
News Briefs, 05 avril, 2014

More escalation (Atlanticist recipe to stir up - and profit from - the hysteria of pseudo-Cold war)
News Briefs, 27 mars, 2014

Crisis in Crimea: NATO jumps on the opportunity
Articles, 24 mars, 2014

Small pearls from the last week (23 March 2014)
News Briefs, 23 mars, 2014

The right of peoples to self-determination - a special version, tailored to Ukraine
News Briefs, 04 mars, 2014

Ukrainian crisis: brief preliminary clarification
Articles, 03 mars, 2014


News Briefs
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A few thoughts about the possible impact of the upcoming U.S. elections on transatlantic relations,...
Belgian Parliament nearly puts an end to the stationing of US nuclear bombs

EU Seat on the UNSC? A False Good Idea: Attractive but Counterproductive

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