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Hajnalka Vincze is a foreign and defense policy analyst. Her writings decrypt the intricacies of European and transatlantic relations. She analyses current policy developments both in details and in a broader context, with an emphasis on internal-external sovereignty and the strategic implications of defense-related technological and industrial choices.

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One Voice, But Whose Voice? Should France Cede Its UN Security Council Seat to the EU?

France and Germany recently decided to share the presidency of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), and jointly do the agenda-setting and public communication tasks...

European flag: symbol of a link or of an allegiance?

At the mid-October EU summit, President Macron joined the so-called Declaration No. 52, ten years after the Lisbon Treaty was adopted and France decided not to sign the annexed...

Europe : chronicle of a decline foretold (demography, immigration, integration)


Latest publications

The United States depart from Afghanistan, while the clash of civilisations intensifies in Europe
01 mai, 2021

The great powers are engaged in a world war, with vaccines as their weapons
26 mars, 2021

Germany’s Transatlantic Ambiguities
Foreign Policy Research Institute
05 mars, 2021

Hopes for a spectacular relaunch of the European Union’s Franco-German “motor” after Brexit have thus far failed to materialize. Quite the contrary, now that Paris and Berlin find themselves without the British “third wheel,” almost every issue seems to trigger a bilateral squabble. Whether it is armaments cooperation, energy supply from Moscow, or policy towards Turkey, Franco-German disagreements keep rising to the surface. One of these has drawn much attention recently since it relates to the very nature of Europe and its links to the United States: the question of whether or how Europe (by which they usually mean the European Union) should pursue more strategic autonomy. Although the term has come to be associated with current French President Emmanuel Macron, the concept goes back almost 60 years to the first President of the Fifth Republic, General Charles de Gaulle. ...

Nuclear apocalypse postponed - instead of the atomic bunker, a house of cards
28 févr, 2021

Who "needs NATO" more? France or... the United States?
Pour un ordre international différent. Une grande ambition pour la France et l'Europe (dir. Cercle de Réflexion Interarmées)
01 févr, 2021

Customary of smashing statements that might not necessarily be supported by the facts, President Donald Trump placed two at once at the Alliance summit in December 2019, during a press conference: “Nobody needs NATO more than France (...) frankly, the one that benefits the least is the United States.” Two utter nonsense that deserve to be looked at more closely. ...

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On the US presidential election's possible impact on Europe

A few thoughts about the possible impact of the upcoming U.S. elections on transatlantic relations,...
Belgian Parliament nearly puts an end to the stationing of US nuclear bombs

EU Seat on the UNSC? A False Good Idea: Attractive but Counterproductive

It would be desirable to see Europe “speaking with one voice”...

The French defense minister tries to convince the US on the idea of European autonomy

At the Atlantic Council in Washington, Florence Parly...

Macron against the US-bound diversion of European defense budgets

Emmanuel Macron has rocked a very sensitive boat. For decades,...

On Syria and Trump, President Macron in the illusion of influence

A couple of seconds within a two-and-a-half hour television...

Europe’s Voters Have Spoken…But What Did They Say?

I had the pleasure to discuss the results of German elections,...

Conversation on the eve of French presidential elections

I had the pleasure to discuss the upcoming French elections with...

EU calls for non-interference from America

During a discussion at the Atlantic Council in Washington,...

Soon-to-be President Trump, the best ally for France's European policy

NATO "obsolete", the Brexit "a success"? The bluntly expressed...

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The United States depart from Afghanistan, while the clash of civilisations intensifies in Europe