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The United Kingdom and the paradigm shift in transatlantic security

Written Evidence UK Parliament Defence Committee - 14 mars, 2017
Analyse and essay
Hajnalka Vincze

The concurrence between Brexit (expected to revitalize a European defence on which London has always imposed strict limits) and the election of D. Trump in the United States (shedding light on the risks and uncertainties stemming from a situation of dependency) seems to have an almost seismic effect on the architecture of European and transatlantic security.

However, if this ‘earthquake’ has the potential to become more than a passing quiver, even a possible game-changer, it is because it occurs in a context where all ingredients for a new strategic momentum have already been together.


The full text is available on the UK Parliament's website.


royaume-uni, relations transatlantiques, défense européenne, brexit

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