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Transatlantic satellite story 1 (Galileo vs GPS)

Népszabadság Online - 10 janvier, 2006
Hajnalka Vincze

Galileo (the European satellite navigation system whose construction is now also pursued in space after the launching of the first test satellite) is one of the decisive strategic projects of the decade. In every, including military, sense of the term. It prefers, of course, remain low-profile in this regard. Even when others point out the facts, it tries to deny with vehemence.

Since the Union’s leaders, hardly famous for their political bravery, find themselves once again in a delicate situation. The weight of realities and the snubs received from the other side of the Atlantic direct them, from time to time, towards strategically imperative choices, but they lack the courage to pursue them openly and systematically. Fortunately, in the future it is the project itself - though launched in a laborious and ambiguous way - which will guide the events. And guide them too. The French version offers a rough translation possibility into English at the bottom of the page. 

Full text in French.



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