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Explosions in perspective

Népszabadság Online - 08 juillet, 2005
Hajnalka Vincze

The day after the terrorist „incidents” in London, it is worth noting that what happened is not a surprise, not a failure, not a European awakening, and not the beginning of a new Londonian era. The main characteristic of yesterday’s series of attempts in the British capital is that it has not changed a single thing as regards to the terrorist threat and the requirements of the fight against it. Those political or journalistic rhetorics that claim the contrary are merely looking for pretext.

In order to render terrorists’ task more difficult the triple formula remains unchanged: operational prevention by means mostly of intelligence cooperation; political solutions to conflicts and anomalies feeding terrorist recruitement and rhetoric; as well as preparedness to deal with the consequences of possible attempts. Europe has long been aware that there is no other magic formula. Judging by the British authorities’ well-disciplined and low-key first reaction, one had the impression that terrorist have this time chosen the wrong target. Indeed, the real question is whether politicians join this kind of behaviour or that of the sensation-driven media. Style and presentation are of paramount importance in a fight which is (among other things) about confronting ideologies. But style without substance leads nowhere. As was said by Javier Solana, the EU’s High Representative for Common Foreign and Security Policy after the Madrid explosions: „We must maintain our determination to understand and tackle the factors behind terrorism. No cause justifies terrorism, but nothing justifies ignoring the causes of terrorism. Clearly, there is a fanatical fringe who are beyond political discourse. But it is nourished by a pool of disaffection and grievance. Where these grievances are legitimate, they must be addressed, not just because this is a matter of justice, but also because 'draining the swamp' depends on it”.

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