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France and the War in Iraq: the Anatomy of a Crisis Management Carried Out with Cartesian Logic

Hajnalka Vincze

In-depth analysis of the French position preceding the outbreak of the war in Iraq.

Post-bipolar context
Preliminaries: the Gulf war and what followed
Immediate but not unconditional solidarity
Question of the limits of the self-defence
Refusal of the concept of the axis of the Evil
Security Council at the centre
Birth of the Resolution 1441
resumption of the initiative
the interpretation of GWB's speech
reactions around the Iraqi letter
the principal elements of the French position
panorama of the domestic policy
Negotiations in and out the Security Council
the French reading of the Resolution 1441
the process of weapons inspection
the ball is in Iraq’s camp
the inspections
Iraq’s WMD declaration
French presidency of the Security Council
military preparations (and the lack of them)
the activities of the French presidency
turning point
Franco-German coordination
Call to order of the “bad-mannered” CEE countries
president Chirac’s reprimands on February 17
on the often deformed facts
favour to Europe, stab to the French diplomacy
Against the windmills: vis-a-vis the
openly assumed US drive to war
the "evidence" of the Secretary of State Powell on February 5
French non-paper on the reinforcement of the inspections
France in the debate in NATO
the Security Council meeting on February 14
the issue of the second resolution
Arguments of last resort
instead of “arms twisting"
what could have been the "true victory of the United States"
veto “whatever the circumstances"
French comment on the American ultimatum and on the unilateral intervention

(In: Irak- háborúra ítélve, L. Andor - P. Tálas - L. Valki, Budapest, 2004)


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