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Hungary and the EU: maximum commitment needed

14 juin, 2004
Hajnalka Vincze
It would be already a great help if our political elite spoke finally about the bottom line (i.e. on the rare occasions where they have the kindness to elaborate any sort of reflection on Europe). If one could hear other thing from their part than the purely financial considerations or the rather vague discourse on "the common values". Since the EU is above all about sovereignty (and its sharing), about legislation and about decision-making – in other words about “par excellence” policy. Although European integration is still at the ambiguous stage that Jacques Delors characterized as "non-identified political object", this object remains nevertheless essentially a political one. It is in this manner that it must be apprehended, that the advantages and disadvantages which result from it must be measured, and that one must commit for or against its deepening. For the full text in English, please contact the author.


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