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Hajnalka Vincze is a foreign and defense policy analyst. Her writings decrypt the intricacies of European and transatlantic relations, with a particular focus on the key role played by France. She analyses both current policy developments and the strategic impact of defense-related technological and industrial choices. She takes a clear stand in favor of a well-balanced transatlantic relationship, in which a strategically autonomous Europe would act as a fully independent, equal partner to the United States.

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President Macron’s “minor mishaps”: towards a downfall or a rebound?

After a virtually faultless first year in office, French President Emmanuel Macron has faced more difficult times in recent months. Admittedly, his speeches are as eloquent...

NATO seeks to circumvent the consensus rule


Mass hysteria and Realpolitik around Mohammed

“Europe pays the price of her usual cowardice and, once again, the majority of the politicians only think of capitulating. However, on the long run, it is like adding fuel...

Latest publications

Conscious Uncoupling? American Troop Withdrawals and the Future of the West
FPRI conversations
06 aout, 2020

President Trump's recent announcemet that nearly 12, 000 U.S. Troops will be redeployed was both an expected and surprising product of a mixture of leadership personalities, electoral politics and strategic calculations. Wg=hat does it all mean for American and European security? A trio of FPRI scholars - Ronald Granieri, David S. Maxwell and Hajnalka Vincze - discuss the President's decision, as we consider its probable causes and possible long-term effects on American-German relations, NATO, and broader U.S. strategy. ...

Double anniversary NATO and EU defense: the more it changes the more it stays the same
Défense & Stratégie n°44, hiver 2019, pp.6-32
30 mars, 2020

The roots of our Westlessness
15 mars, 2020

Who "needs NATO" more? France or... the United States?
12 déc, 2019

Beyond Macron's Subversive NATO Comments: France's Growing Unease with the Alliance
Foreign Policy Research Institute
26 nov, 2019

In deciding to give an interview to The Economist where he declared NATO “brain dead,” President Emmanuel Macron certainly knew he would spark indignation among his fellow European leaders. He chose to do it nevertheless, not out of proverbial French arrogance, but because he deems it both necessary and urgent. A year away from the next U.S. elections (and with Brexit forever dragging on), an unprecedented window of opportunity is about to slam shut for France. ...

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News Briefs
Belgian Parliament nearly puts an end to the stationing of US nuclear bombs

EU Seat on the UNSC? A False Good Idea: Attractive but Counterproductive

It would be desirable to see Europe “speaking with one voice”...

The French defense minister tries to convince the US on the idea of European autonomy

At the Atlantic Council in Washington, Florence Parly...

Macron against the US-bound diversion of European defense budgets

Emmanuel Macron has rocked a very sensitive boat. For decades,...

On Syria and Trump, President Macron in the illusion of influence

A couple of seconds within a two-and-a-half hour television...

Europe’s Voters Have Spoken…But What Did They Say?

I had the pleasure to discuss the results of German elections,...

Conversation on the eve of French presidential elections

I had the pleasure to discuss the upcoming French elections with...

EU calls for non-interference from America

During a discussion at the Atlantic Council in Washington,...

Jump into the Unknown - guide to the Trump Presidency (Foreign Affairs)

Soon-to-be President Trump, the best ally for France's European policy

NATO "obsolete", the Brexit "a success"? The bluntly expressed...

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