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International Workshop on ESDP Democratic Accountability

30 June - 2 July 2001
Venue: Department of Peace Studies, University of Bradford, UK

Organised jointly by the University of Bradford (UK) and the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (Norway)

This was the first workshop of the EDSP Democracy Project. Organised jointly by the University of Bradford (UK) and the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (Norway). It aimed to examine the theoretical and methodological underpinnings for the EDSP Project, and to examine issues and challenges relating to the 'accountability gap' in three thematic areas

a) EU Institutions - transparency and accountability in security and defence policy
b) Arms production, procurement and transfers: policies and practices
c) EU peace and security engagements in war-torn or conflict-prone regions

As the first substantive workshop for EDSP Project partners, it aimed to provide an opportunity for all partners to review and discuss the key issues and tasks of the project, and to develop common understandings and frameworks for their future collaborative work. To facilitate this, each partners was invited to contribute at least one paper relating to a strategic issue for the project. Time was also allocated to practical project co-ordination.


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