Hajnalka Vincze is an independent security and defence policy analyst, specialized in European and transatlantic issues. Her writings dissect intra-European and Euro-American power relations, with a particular focus on the strategic developments and the scope of technological-industrial choices. She takes an unambiguous position in favour of an autonomous, political Europe, built around the imperative of sovereignty. Her commitment to the preservation of the European model makes her a long-time advocate of the core Europe concept.

"Because I do it with a small ship I am called pirate, whereas because you do it with a large fleet you are called emperor." (in Augustinus, De civitate Dei, 426 )

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The General facing NATO: an analysis still relevant

La Lettre Sentinel n°51, April 2009

One of the recurring formulas in discussions on the full return of France to NATO, though seen by all sides as obvious, deserves however that we take a moment to have a closer look. This is when the geostrategic context is mentioned, especially the fact that it would have undergone, seemingly, enormous changes. At first, this looks like a truism: the USSR is gone, the Cold War ended, the European Defence launched - General de Gaulle and his bickering with NATO seem to belong definitely to the past. In reality, none of the mutations, certainly indisputable, of the last forty years is likely to put into question the soundness of the decision of 1966. After a more thorough examination, one would rather conclude that they confirm it. ... read more

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