Hajnalka Vincze is an independent security and defence policy analyst, specialized in European and transatlantic issues. Her writings dissect intra-European and Euro-American power relations, with a particular focus on the strategic developments and the scope of technological-industrial choices. She takes an unambiguous position in favour of an autonomous, political Europe, built around the imperative of sovereignty. Her commitment to the preservation of the European model makes her a long-time advocate of the core Europe concept.

"As long as war does not take place, one should talk as if it could not to take place." (Aristide Briand, 1932)

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The new European policy of Obama’s America: the more it changes… the less it does change?

La Lettre Sentinel n°50, November 2008

After the rhetoric comes the reasoning. In this case, the argument that a weakened America today that is facing numerous challenges on the military, diplomatic and budgetary fields, would finally be in a more cooperative mood, because finally it would really need its "partners" in Europe. Let alone the fact that there is something deeply unhealthy in rejoicing about the weakness and difficulties of one’s greatest friend and ally, simply because those are seen as the only chance to extort concessions for a more balanced relationship. The point here is that even a slightly perverse hope is illusory. The U.S. always intends to organize transatlantic cooperation on their own terms, and the more they will feel weakening, the more they will seem attached to the levers that have been allowing them, for half a century, to get their way. The example of European defence is particularly instructive for this purpose. ... read more

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